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Yevadu 2 Full Movie HD Download in Hindi Dubbed. Satya and Deepthi ar lovers living in Visakhapatnam. A fearful don, Veeru Bhai, lusts for her. once Deepthi’s oldsters ar killed, she and Satya escape. They board a bus on route to Hyderabad, however the bus is stopped unexpectedly and boarded by 3 men: Veeru’s accessary Deva, Veeru’s brother Ajay, and a corrupt police inspector, Shravan. They kill Deepthi before of Satya, associate degreed he suffers an almost-fatal stab wound. Before the 3 leave, they set fireplace to the bus, deed Satya to his death (after they injured him to death). However, Dr. Shailaja saves Satya by giving him a brand new face and skin. 10 months later, Satya wakes up from his coma.

Director: Krishna Vamshi
Writers: Gopalakrishna Paruchuri, Venkateswara Rao Paruchuri
Stars: Kajal Aggarwal, Ram Charan, Srikanth

Under the nom de guerre of Ram, Satya returns to Visakhapatnam wherever he meets a model named Shruti, whom Veeru likes. Befriending Shruti, he takes advantage of his new unknown face, and lures Deva to half-constructed living accommodation (or unconstructed building), wherever Satya kills Deva. a photograph of Deva is discovered by assistant commissioner Ashok Varma, that has been marked with a “1”. Satya then files a report on Deepthi with the police, stating that she has been missing for 10 days. Since Shravan is aware of that Deepthi was killed 10 months earlier, he becomes suspicious of Satya in his new persona, and follows him to a mall, wherever Satya kills him. throughout the investigation on Shravan’s death, Satya presents himself to Varma as associate degree watcher.

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When asked to supply an outline of the killer, Satya describes his former face. Satya then manipulates Ajay to fall dotty with Shruti and gets the 2 of them to cause in compromising positions for a few footage, below the pretense that they’ll be used as a promotion to help Shruti in obtaining a chance to audition for the feminine lead in an exceeding film. Instead, Satya sends copies of the photographs to Veeru, Yevadu 2 Full Movie Download. to show him against each Ajay and Shruti. Satya then convinces Ajay that the sole thanks to saving Shruti from Veeru’s ire are to kill Veeru, which might conjointly permit Ajay to realize his brother’s position. However, Veeru’s henchmen kill Ajay, however, Veeru is himself killed by Satya, World Health Organization reveals his true identity. He apologizes to Shruti for mistreatment her, before effort.

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