Yeh Hai India Full Movie Free HD Download

Yeh Hai India Full Movie Free Download in High Quality on 720p. Yeh Hai Lollipop, the title bearing no semblance to something within the film, could be a mall-film that could be a decade too late, considering the mall boom isn’t a replacement factor in Bharat. A producer wanting to avoid the tax man desires a flop film and hires the services of Masoom (Om Puri), a unsuccessful author UN agency works out of a food court at the native mall.

Yeh Hai India Full Movie Download

Director: Lom Harsh
Writer: Lom Harsh
Stars: Mohan Joshi, Mohan Agashe, Surendra Pal

The money is sweet, thus he agrees to put in writing and weaves the story round the characters he sees within the mall/ workplace. there’s the Chaplinesque eve-teaser (Rajpal Yadav), the serial better half (Tiku Talsania), the hero UN agency is additionally a salesperson within the mall (Chirag Thakkar) and his heroine, the food court head (Shilpa Anand). There’s conjointly a weirdo (Sanjay Mishra), UN agency keeps a bunch of official ID cards and butts into people’s lives.

Yeh Hai India Full HD Download

Yeh Hai India Full Movie Trailer

The film isn’t concerning whether or not Masoom will deliver his script in time. It’s additional concerning him discovering the lives of the characters around him, that takes up the whole half. It would’ve helped if the humour hadn’t uncomprehensible the mark most the time. The jokes area unit principally film industry-related, that is small beer that somebody United Nations agency isn’t from the business will suspend on to. That’s virtually the sole takeaway.

Yeh Hai India High Quality Download

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The story will show promise within the half for a quick moment and there’s a good twist, too, that one may genuinely not foresee. However, the snail’s pace at that the story moves and its two-dimensional execution, weighs the film down utterly. Yeh Hai India Full Movie Free HD Download. Om Puri appearance as if he’s simply longing his lines to urge the total issue over with shortly. In the end, his character will get good|the right|the proper} story and therefore the perfect finish for his film. however do the particular audience get something even near that? Barely.

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