Ye Mantram Vesave Full Movie HD Quality Download

Ye Mantram Vesave Full Movie Stroy & Review: Nikki(Vijay) Devarakonda) may be a vice enthusiast United Nations agency is extremely slaphappy in life. He flirts with women and wastes all his time simply hanging out together with his friends. Ye Mantram Vesave Full Movie HD Quality Download. One fine day, he meets a woman known as Rags(Shivani Singh) online and decides to woo her at any price. He makes multiple makes an attempt, however, fails most of the time.

Release date : March 09, 2018
Starring : Vijay Deverakonda, Shivaani Singh
Director : Shridhar Marri
Producer : Malkapuram Shiva Kumar
Music Director : Abdus Samad
Editor : Dharmendra Kakarala

Seeing his enthusiasm, Rags offers him an opportunity and challenges him to search out concerning her in a very video vice quite a situation that has multiple levels. Vijay accepts the challenge and starts his search. however, will he manage to satisfy Rags? and what issues will he face all told this is often the whole crux of the story.

Ye Mantram Vesave Full HD Movie Download

Vijay Devarakonda is that the sole solace of the film as he will an honest job in his role. Ye Mantram Vesave Full Movie Download. tho’ he appears quite young and inexperienced throughout the time he shot the film, by the top of it all, his performance is that the sole factor that manages to square out.

Ye Mantram Vesave Full Movie Trailer

Heroine Shivani Singh includes a major role because the entire film revolves around her. She appearance sensible in sure scenes and will her job well. Ye Mantram Vesave Full Movie HD Quality Download. the fundamental construct of finding the heroine in a very game quite a situation has been thought off quite well. The last half is wherever the particular story starts and has some partaking moments.

Ye Mantram Vesave Full HD Download

The narration of the film is extremely naive as there aren’t any absorbing moments that keep the audience hooked on to the seats. albeit the construct appearance sensible, the method the vice world and also the story weaved around it look a trifle over the highest.

Though the twist that’s showcased throughout the tip justifies the total plot, the manner things square measure narrated to the present purpose lack the depth.

Ye Mantram Vesave Full Movie HD Download

For regarding break into the film, you do not grasp what’s occurring as some silly thrills are showcased one when the opposite. yet one more biggest disadvantage of the film is that the lack of fine supporting solid. The villain appearance silly and doesn’t bring any depth to the proceedings.

Ye Mantram Vesave Full Movie Download

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Production values of the film square measure below par because the visuals look clearly obsolete. The technology showcased is obsolete within the current situation ANd this offers a recent look at the film. written material is okay so was the background score. Dialogues square measure good so was the art direction. returning to the director Sreedhar, he has done a below par job.

As he’s a technologist himself, he has written the plot well and tries to showcase however the youth is obtaining sidetracked with the misuse of technology. however, his narration lacks the main focus as he doesn’t manage to come up with any interest in the proceedings frequently.

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