Yaara Silly Silly Full Movie HD Quality Download

Yaara Silly Silly Hindi Full Movie HD Quality Download on 720p. Yaara Silly Silly Movie Review: Only for the primary few scenes of the film, you’ll need the urge to understand the novel plan it brings to the table – of dual souls – that is not quite an equivalent issue as soulmates. But, in time its tacky production, overdramatic sequences and novice actors can distract you.

Director: Subhash Sehgal
Writer: Rajeev Yogendranath
Stars: Parambrata Chatterjee, Paoli Dam, Eva Grover

Parambrata, World Health Organization could be an illustrious face in Bengali films and is best remembered in the movie industry for his role in Kahaani, is completely wasted within the picture.

Yaara Silly Silly Full Movie HD Download

The Hate Story bombshell Paoli Dam makes a comeback during a forgettable role. during a shell, this film is one forgettable ham-fest.

Yaara Silly Silly Full Movie Trailer

For any romantic picture to figure, it’s imperative that the leading combine shares crackle chemistry. during this case, Paoli and Parambrata do not quite slot in. whereas he’s a minimum of tolerable because the back, reticent, boy-next-door, Paoli is totally intolerable.

Yaara Silly Silly Full HD Movie Download

She is much too loud and over-dramatic. tawdrily dressed, mouthing expletives uncomfortably, Paoli tries too laborious to please. Director Subhash Sehgal makes his actors play to the gallery, particularly Parambrata World Health Organization hits a brand new low.

The film contains a promising plan, however, the lackluster book plays party pooper. The happy night that changes Mallika’s life is narrated in flashback and feels too superficial.

Yaara Silly Silly Full HD Download

There’s no real attraction between Mallika and Soumitra and therefore the kernel of the story appears unconvincing. because the 2 hop from a spa to an edifice to a beach, their lack of chemistry becomes visible.

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