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Wedding Pullav Full Movie Story & Review: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and My Best Friend’s Wedding revamped, this pulav is maybe the foremost stale wedding dish you will have ever. Wedding Pullav Movie Download. The film follows the quality Punjabi wedding film guide to the T, then giving it the ready-made ‘pyaar dosti hai’ twist to infuse novelty.

Director: Binod Pradhan
Stars: Diganth, Kitu Gidwani, Karan V. Grover

The top result’s therefore bland, sure and juvenile that you will in all probability hate the enjoyment of weddings or the thought of affection altogether.

Wedding Pullav Full Movie HD Download

Shot in picturesque Siam, we have a tendency to would like the film had a stronger content and a few substances. you do not relate to or sorrow any character or their dilemmas. once friends fight, they haphazardly embark to London.

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Also, whereas everyone keeps harping on love and relationship, they fail to evoke any kind of feeling. All you see is actors with zero chemistry and acting skills singing songs, dancing, strolling on the beach, flaunting fancy wedding garments and bikinis, flashing dimples and squirting gyaan on the wedding.

As if their philosophy isn’t enough, you have got Rishi Kapoor reprising his Love Aaj Kal character. He doubles up because the edifice manager/ love guru/ newspaper columnist, World Health Organization solely makes AN look to grant uninvited recommendation. he’s still the sole sufferable side of this shaadi.

Wedding Pullav Full HD Movie Download

Wedding Pullav feels like an endless wedding video of a disciple, you’re feeling nothing for. It’s loaded with necessary party/ wedding songs, honeymoon jokes, friendly banter, Momiji’s drama, et al. What the film lacks is the heart and tasteful food!

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