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Wah Taj Full Movie Fully High Quality Download. We know that the mausoleum was designed by Emperor, however, did you recognize that the land, on that it had been designed, belonged to a Maharashtrian farmer? Well, a minimum of that’s what the film desires the United States to believe.

Director: Ajit Sinha
Writers: M. Salim, Mohammad Salim
Stars: Amitabh Bachchan, Krishna Bhatt, Yusuf Hussain

Tukaram (Shreyas Talpade) wearing a kurta-pajama-jacket and Sundari (Manjari Phadnis) during a low-waist nauvari saree, pitch a tent on the banks of Yamuna within the hot Agra-heat, assumption to the land that the mausoleum stands on.

Wah Taj Full Movie HD Download

As if that isn’t unbelievable enough, there emerges proof, within the type of AN old letter signed by Emperor Humayun, to back the claim.

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The excitement attracts media attention and puts pressure on the govt. to resolve the dispute. A jail-Mantri named Visarjan Yadav, the Chief Minister, Wah Taj Full Movie HD Download. the leader of the opposition, a top-cop and a social worker; all of them get entangled and this, evidently, ends up in a lot of issues than solutions.

Wah Taj Full HD Movie Download

The film then follows the overwhelmed path; one that involves clichés and used-to-death things.

Ever since the film starts, one factor is evident that there’s AN underlying motive behind Tukaram and Sundari’s actions. however, the producer handily keeps that reserved for the climax.

Not that the motive explains a lot of however well, a minimum of we have a tendency to get to understand the makers’ reason for creating the U.S. endure the 100-odd minutes of illogical genius.

Wah Taj Full HD Download

As the protagonist, Shreyas goes overboard with forced-humor. His Sanskrit manoos impersonation doesn’t facilitate things either.Wah Taj Full Movie Download. Manjari appearance lovely, however, falls short once it involves showcasing her acting chops. Hemant Pandey gets his act right although.

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Wah Taj aims to place target the pitiable conditions of farmers and therefore the devil-may-care approach of the govt. machinery.

The top result, however, could be a film that has its heart in the right place, however, nothing unaccustomed supply. a couple of scenes, just like the one within the room, stand to go in this otherwise average try. you’ll risk looking at once.

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