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Wagah full movie download fully HD on 720p . A BSF Indian is control captive in an illegal camp pass by Pakistani troopers. can he be ready to rescue his girlfriend and come back to his homeland?In Wagah, Vikram Prabhu plays Vasu, a young man from a village in Sivagangai who joins the BSF and lands up patrolling components of Kashmir conterminous “the most dangerous border within the world.” however Vasu isn’t any subject. As a boy, he listed within the NCC as a result of the woman he likeable was in there too, and now, he joins the BSF as a result of it’s a portal to subsidized sarakku.

Directed by :G. N. R. Kumaravelan
Produced by :M. Balavishwaanathan
Screenplay by :G. N. R. Kumaravelan
Starring :Vikram Prabhu,Ranya Rao
Music by :D. Imman
Cinematography :S. R. Sathish Kumar
Edited by :Raja Mohammad
Release date :12 August 2016


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Plus, he reasons, what area unit the possibilities of very participating in combat? Wars area unit few and much between. what percentage conflict points this premise brings with it! A do-nothing discovers his inner subject. Wagah Full Movie Free Download, A South Indian is transported from heat and bustle to snow and silence – he begins to feel lonely, depressed. a person used solely to the fights between his father and uncle currently faces riot mobs with scant regard for Section a hundred and forty four. Any of those threads would create a dramatic tapestry. however the director, GNR Kumaravelan, isn’t interested.

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