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W/O Ram Full Movie High Quality Download.W/O Ram Movie Review: The story starts on a awfully serious note with Deeksha(Lakshmi) suffering a significant happening within the style of her husband and child’s death in an exceedingly tragic murder. A desperate Deeksha seeks the assistance of the cops however they are doing not support her one bit. Upset with this, she starts work the mystery herself. remainder of the story is on however she solves all the loopholes within the case and nabs the criminals.The basic twist that’s showcased is surprising and elevates the film utterly.
W/O Ram Full HD Download

the most action begins within the last half because the major twists and drama square measure unfolded with a racy narration. The last fifteen minutes specifically square measure terribly riveting. Adarsh Balakrishna is terrific because the role and will his role just right within the last half. it’ll be smart to visualize him do such roles a {lot of} as he features a lot of potential.

Initial release: July 6, 2018
Director: Vijay Yelakanti
Writers: Sundeep Ganta, Vijay Yelakanti
Stars: Lakshmi Manchu, Samrat, Aadarsh Balakrishna

the very fact that the film doesn’t get deviated with gratuitous business components is sweet.Priyadarshi is tight in his supporting role of a cop. The message that has been showcased throughout the top appearance convincing. married person of Ram could be a made-to-order role for Lakshmi Manchu as she was smart throughout all the investigation scenes and carries the film on her shoulders.

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Even though the surprising twist is sweet, the build-up thereto may are even additional partaking. The work scenes square measure a touch unclear in sure areas and haven’t been explained well.Things happen very easy for Lakshmi Manchu within the proceedings that appearance a touch odd.
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once the initial fifteen minutes, things get slightly caught up within the half and scenes like Lakshmi planning to a woman escort look a touch dragged. The interval bang is additionally around okay and doesn’t have the specified punch.The special effects within the film is prime notch because the mysterious scenes are showcased quite well. even if the film is created on a restricted budget, the locations look recent and Hyderabad has been showcased in an exceedingly new light-weight. The background score is simply concerning okay and will are loads higher.

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfQwgLHHr54]

redaction is crisp because the run time of the film is ideal. Dialogues square measure neat then was the assembly style of the film.Coming to the director Vijay Yelakanti, he makes a good debut with this film. He has written an excellent twist and weaved a story around it. If he had packed the primary 0.5 with even additional riveting components, things would are higher. however the approach he has handled the twist and created the last half attention-grabbing showcases his talent.
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