Virus Telugu Full Movie HD Quality Download

Virus Telugu Full Movie Fully HD Quality Download. Hrudaya Kaleyam fame, Sampoornesh baboo is back when a brief gap with yet one more film known as Virus that has hit the screens nowadays. Let’s see however it’s.

Release date : June 30, 2017
Director : SR Krishna
Producers : Salim MD, Srinivas Mangala
Music Directors : Meenakshi, Sunil Kashyap
Starring : Sampoornesh Babu, Geetha Shah

Story: Krishna (Sampu) could be a little time worker United Nations agency works laborious and becomes a software package worker within the United States of America with the assistance of a woman known as Ananya( Nidhisha). once everything looks to be going fine, Ananya gets killed in some mysterious circumstances. what’s the particular reason for Ananya’s death? however, can Sampu solve the death mystery? That forms the remainder of the story.

Virus Telugu Full Movie HD Download

Plus Points: Sampoorneesh Babu’s acting and mannerisms can impress his hardcore fans to some extent. His over the highest dialogues and buildup shots square measure fun to look at on screen. Director SR Krishna’s plan of dealing a social issue ought to be appreciated. Noted comedian Vennela Kishore’s role could be a surprise package within the film and it’s a significant twist within the tale.

Virus Telugu Full Movie Trailer

Jabardasth Chammak Chandra’s comedy and his dialogues impress in elements. Heroine Nidhisha’s performance is sweet in her restricted screen presence.Virus Telugu Full Movie. yet one more heroine, Geeta monarch is sweet wanting and her beauty in songs can attract the plenty. A social message given within the climax was sensible.

Minus Points: although director SR Krishna’s plan of dealing a social issue is sweet, he miserably failing in corporal punishment it. the primary half the film is full of inessential and inferior scenes that irritate the audience to the core.

Though the half of the film is relatively higher than the primary half, it’s additionally headlong up with improper proceedings. The scenes showcased within the housing scenery ar logicless. Most of the film’s narration is flat and boring. Comedian exam Harsha’s comedy isn’t up to the mark.

Virus Telugu Full HD Movie Download

Technical Aspects: As higher than aforesaid, director SR Krishna’s plan is sweet however he wholly failing in corporal punishment the film with an absorbing and attention-grabbing book. redaction is below par as several inessential scenes within the half may be simply cut off.Virus Telugu Full Movie Download. lighting tricks by VJ is simply okay. the color texture utilized in the competition song is sweet. Music by Meenakshi Bhujang and Sunil Kashyap isn’t up to the mark. Production values for this low budget film are tight.

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Virus Telugu Full HD Download

Verdict: On the complete, Virus could be an unsatisfying film from the Sampoornesh adult male. despite the fact that the story plan is sweet, the narration is sort of flat and boring.Virus Telugu Full Movie HD Download. All those that have lots of your time and like Shampoo’s reasonably fun, they’ll do this film out. however, the remainder will keep one’s eyes off from this film and explore higher choices this weekend.

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