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A retired cop goes to the U.S. to measure together with his son and becomes committed a seizure case. while he’s making an attempt to trace down the malefactor, the case becomes too personal.

Director: Vivek Elangovan
Writers: Shanmuga Bharathi, Vivek Elangovan
Stars: Larnell Baxter, Leah Carrell, Leah Marie Carrell

Once it involves whodunits, casting is crucial as a result of the instant you’ve got a well-known actor, the audience starts to concentrate on their actions specifically so as to predict the revelation. Vellai Pookal makes some sensible decisions to neutralize this challenge.

Vellai Pookal
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One in all these is clearly the casting of Vivekh, associate degree actor UN agency is thought a lot of as a comedian, as its protagonist – retired cop Rudhran. Despite superficial a small amount of awkward inbound scenes, the actor pulls it off due to his persistence.

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Vellai Pookal Full Movie High Quality Download

Rudhran has come back to the U.S. to measure together with his son, Ajay (Dev), with whom he hasn’t been on sensible terms for the past 3 years. we have a tendency to quickly surmise why. Ajay’s woman, Alice (Paige Henderson) is associate degree Yankee. Rudhran doesn’t even create a shot to be cordial together with her.

Vellai Pookal High Quality Download

Even as he gets acquainted with a life that one character likens to “kambi illadha jail”, he befriends Bharathidasan (Charlie, the film’s comic sidekick), another nonworker living together with his girl Ramya (Pooja Devariya). Incidentally, Ramya happens to be Ajay’s associate in addition.

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