Vanjagar Ulagam Tamil Full Movie Download in HD

Vanjagar Ulagam Full Movie High Quality Free Download. A woman is dead and her neighbor is picked up as a suspect. Meanwhile, a journalist believes he will use this murder to lure AN elusive outlaw, with facilitating from the guy’s former assistant.

Director: Manoj Beedha
Writers: Manoj Beedha, Vinayak
Stars: Anisha Ambrose, Cibi Bhuvana Chandran, Hareesh Peradi

Vanjagar Ulagam opens with a person coming back to consciousness. he’s within a van, and notices flames engulfing the vehicle. He manages to urge out. In most movies, this might be a tense scene, however, Vanjagar Ulagam is provides U.S.A. unconcern.

Vanjagar Ulagam Full HD Download

Right away, Manoj Buddha establishes that over something, he desires his film to be cool. And right until the top, we have a tendency to get that – within the trendy visuals (the photography is by Rodrigo Del Rio Herrara and Saravanan Ramasamy) and in surface-to-air missile CS’s eclectic score.

Vanjagar Ulagam Full Movie Trailer

Back to the plot, we have a tendency to learn that the nestling United Nations agency loses from the van is Shanmugam (Ciby Bhuvanachandran), United Nations agency prefers to be known as Shaam. within the terribly next scene, he’s picked up by the cops beneath suspicion of murdering his neighbor, Mythili (Chandini Tamilarasan).

The youngster’s colleague, Vishagan (Vishagan Sulur Vanangamudi), a journalist, feels that the murder might be accustomed lure the elusive outlaw Durairaj. And he tries to woo Durairaj’s former supporter, Sampath (Guru Somasundaram), United Nations agency has quit the business, to assist him to get the person.

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Vanjagar Ulagam High Quality Download

A whodunit, an outlaw drama, and a neo-noir all rolled into one, this hard-to-classify quality of Vanjagar Ulagam is each its strength and weakness. There are a number of moments, just like the fighting involving Sampath and Mahalingam (Azhagamperumal), a top United Nations agency is when Durairaj, or the initiate to a love-making scene between 2 characters (with a Carnatic-dubstep score), wherever the filmmaking aptitude keeps the U.S.A. enchanted.

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