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Vada urban center opens with a murder, however, we have a tendency to don’t see the murder or the victim. Instead, we have a tendency to get a blood-stained reap hook and a spoken language between the murderers.

Director: Vetrimaaran
Writer: Vetrimaaran
Stars: Dhanush, Ameer Sultan, Radha Ravi

These are Guna , Senthil , Velu, and Pazhani. The guy they need to be killed may be a big fish felon and that they discuss however they will currently take his place. this can be 1987. move a year later, and that we see that the four men became rivals – Guna and Velu on one facet and Senthil and Pazhani on the opposite.

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The action then shifts to 2000, once wear introduced to Anbu, UN agency is remanded to jail for a minor scuffle with Guna’s accessory Shiva. to avoid wasting himself from Guna’s gang, that controls one block of the jail, Anbu gets nearer to Senthil’s gang, and even earns the trust of Senthil.

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Meanwhile, the narrative keeps shifting many years back and forth – to 1991, once Anbu meets the Padma, associate degree brave native lady, UN agency he falls loving with; to 1996, once Anbu accidentally commits a murder that produces him indebted to at least one of the gangsters; to 1987,

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Once we get the story of Rajan, a felon and a helper for his individuals, and Chandra; and at last, to 2003, once Anbu is forced to square up for his individuals and war each Guna and Senthil.

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