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Traffic Ramasamy Hindi Dubbed Full HD Download. Traffic Ramasamy Movie Review: Just before the credits begin in Traffic Ramasamy, we tend to get a disclaimer instructive that the film is merely loosely galvanized from the lifetime of the real-life social activist and not a biopic. this can be a really crucial piece of dataledge} that one must know before looking at the film as a result of if you move into expecting something resembling a biopic of the well-known social activist, you may be certain crushing disappointment. No, strike that. Even otherwise, the film may be a immense disappointment, however we are able to take solace with the actual fact that this is not a biopic.
Traffic Ramasamy Full HD Download

Initial release: 22 June 2018
Director: Vicky
Writers: Vicky
Stars: Ambika, Imman Annachi, Vijay Antony

The film plays out a lot of like episodes from the lifetime of associate activist. we tend to see him protestant to clean up a TASMAC bar that has been opened within the section of a temple and a faculty. we tend to see him take a man World Health Organization spits paan on the road to the court (along with a police inspector World Health Organization insults him). we tend to see him taking up the politician over non delivery of water, which ends within the death of a lady. we tend to conjointly get associate episode wherever he exposes the harassment by a feminine cop, World Health Organization then takes it out on him by means of protective torture. and that we conjointly see him fight to induce the killer motored fish carts off the roads. The film comes this last one as his biggest success and devotes nearly the complete half thereto.

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For a movie supported a firebrand activist, Traffic Ramasamy is hardly compelling. Director Vicky tries to form this medium – solely within the negative sense of the word; the film is hardly cinema. though we tend to discount this reality – that ideally we tend to should not – and check out to check it as a message show, we tend to find yourself feeling underwhelmed. The social statement is hardly forceful, and Storm Troops Chandrasekaran’s performance lacks the spark that such a person needs to form North American country root for him. and therefore the treatment ruins any little bit of seriousness.
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within the name of creating it ‘commercial’, Vicky has turned the film into associate inexpert affair. If the primary 0.5 is stuffed with moments that might be straight out of a mega serial, the half, particularly the court scenes, are a joke. The irony of Storm Troops Chandrasekaran, World Health Organization created his career out of court dramas within the Eighties, stellar in such a movie is ineluctable. If solely had the director worked on his script and banked on that instead of on the half-a-dozen cameos, we might have terminated up with a somewhat partaking drama.
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