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The film tells the story of a social class girl in a hunt for a match for her sister. She happens to satisfy 2 matches and finally ends up during a quandary to settle on one. The lady and her sister have totally different decisions.

Director: Kedar Shinde
Writers: Shabbir Ahmed, Mayur Puri
Stars: Tabu, Sharman Joshi, Yuvika Chaudhry

The remainder of the film reveals the humorous chaos created.
The film is concentrated on Rajeshwari Saxena, an original bourgeois girl WHO is married to Surinder Saxena. She is presently trying to find a groom for her sister Nisha, WHO she needs to induce married to an upscale, palmy boy.

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She happens to satisfy Rahul whereas grocery looking. he’s learning to be Associate in Nursing engineer and is additionally a Saxena. Grabbing the chance, she offers him a space in her house. There, Rahul probabilities to satisfy Nisha, Rajeshwari’s sister. They fall soft on, and Rahul agrees to marry Nisha.

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The marriage celebrations square measure fully swing, once Yuvraj happens to return to Rajeshwari’s house. He contains a permanent job and would be obtaining a house next month. And he’s conjointly a Saxena. Upon seeing a more robust alternative of a groom for her sister, Rajeshwari tricks Rahul into vacating the area.

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Yuvraj starts staying within the currently empty area. He meets Nisha and falls soft on along with her. Now, the marriage plans have altered slightly. The groom has modified. once Rahul finds out regarding this, he plans to surpass Rajeshwari at her own game. Yuvraj involves understanding the whole factor.

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