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Thiraikku Varatha Kathai Full Movie Download Fully HD Quality. Returning to Tamil screen once a few of decades of hiatus, Thulasidas strikes a distinct chord by choosing associate degree all-female solid for his second Tamil directorial venture. A bilingual (Girls in Malayalam), the veteran director of Malayalam films has, however, elect a subject that has been trending on Tamil screen these past few years. A supernatural heroic tale set against the legal background. Only, there are not any eerie sounds and visuals to scare the faint-hearted here nor abundant of humor to cater one. The film, boring and insipid within the 1st half, manages to select up momentum towards the last half.

Name: Thiraikku Varatha Kathai (2016) tamil Full Movie Download
Category:Other Featured Movies, Tamil Movies 2016
Country:South Indian

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The story opens with Sophia (India) and a bunch of ladies from a movie institute venturing to a distant house to shoot a brief film. Thinking out of the box, Sophia comes up with a plot focused on a lesbian romance. The attraction of Clara a woman towards Merlin her ally and therefore the consequences of it is shot and completed to their satisfaction.

While Sophia essayed Clara in their short film, Merlin was enacted by Rehana, a reasonably lady they’d met on the approach and raped her sure the film. because the team approaches their work, some weird incidents happen with fiction obtaining mirrored really. there’s a show of power wherever the women fancy some stunts as they attack a few of chain-snatchers. The script meanders within the early half. There square measure characters that, with the exception of adding color to the atmosphere, square measure hardly utilized; Thiraikku Varatha Kathai Full Movie Download in HD Quality. like Kovai Sarala, because the cook and therefore the weird trying recent caretaker at the house World Health Organization sounded like she would play a vital role. The presentation and narrative vogue were virtually superannuated within the half.

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