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The Slum Stars Hindi Full Movie Free Download in Fully HD Quality. Amidst all the glamour and buzz, screenland needs to provide, there area unit some uncommon beans that sprout each currently and so and therefore the film Slum Stars is one among them. it’s extraordinarily onerous to create a movie that’s supported real-world instances that sufficiently address the atrocities the darker a part of this world goes through.

Director: Sandeep Singh Bawa
Producer: Harpreet Kaur Dhillon
Music composed by: Asheem Mangoli
Story by: Aishwarya Nidhi Gaur, Sheel Choudhary, Anashwar Chopra
Screenplay: Anashwar Chopra, Sheel Jeet Choaudry, Aishwarya

The film directed by Sandeep Singh (bawa) is one among them. The film is primarily concerning the slum kids and their suffering that produces their childhood nothing but a dreadful nightmare. The Slum Stars Full Movie Download. kids area unit just like the soft clay, they’re needed to be a and sleek during a correct approach so they transform an honest creature.

However, the kids WHO thrive within the slums area unit bereft of sure privileges that remove their childhood and hinder them from changing into one thing they could regret later.

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The film circumvents around 3 kids named Kanahiya, Gudiya and Chandu. They were abandoned, youngsters. The Slum Stars Full Movie HD Download. Gudiya falls into the entice of an area don WHO is engaged in crimes like human trafficking and sexual exploitation. She is forced to be, part of this grievous racket.

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The story takes a flip once these three youngsters manage to flee from the clutches of the don and reach a village close to Rajasthan wherever they came upon a ‘Ghost’ WHO helps them teach a lesson to those that have wronged them. however, within the whole method, they lost their childhood somewhere which is what’s highlighted within the film.

The film aims at spreading awareness concerning many crimes happening within the society whom we have a tendency to area unit wittingly blind to. The Slum Stars Full Movie HD Quality Download. The work done by Sandeep Singh is actually value appreciating as he has highlighted the ugly truth of our society.

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