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The Fighterman Saleem Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Free  HD Download.Satyavati (Ileana) is that the female offspring of a chic and idealistic landlord/factionist in Rayalaseema. She is noted in Europe for the past fifteen years. She visits her home city once a protracted gap and she or he is attacked by the rival factionist. Munna (Vishnu Manchu) comes out of thin air and rescues her. Then he settles in her house as a employee and earns the love and trust of all Satyavati’s members of the family.

He loves Satyavati. however Satyavati’s father needs to marry off to a different guy. concerning once the wedding goes to happen, it’s disclosed that Satyavati features a lover (Venkat) from Europe and she or he uses Munna to assist her escape to Europe. simply once Satyavati goes to Europe, it’s disclosed that Munna is none however a mafia kingpin from port known as Saleem and Satyavati lover’s brother is none however a horrendous European don known as OJo a.k.a. Ogiraja Jogayya (Mohan Babu). the remainder of the story is all regarding however Saleem wins Satyavati over along with his one-side love and his encounters with OJo.

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