Thalaivaa Full Movie Download

Mumbai 1988. The slums of Dharavi see AN insurrection as their recent leader is killed and his rival is on the point of take over. Enter Sathyaraj (Ramadurai) World Health Organization is that the messiah of the Tamils World Health Organization reside in metropolis. He vows to shield his ilk; he picks up a knife to murder the ‘bad’ guy.

Mumbai 2013. Quite like Mani Ratnam’s Nayakkan wherever Kamal Haasan essayed a task just like this, Sathyaraj goes concerning life in a uniform fashion. he is your gray-haired Don Corleone, toilsome those whom the law fails to supply justice to.

CAST:Vijay, Sathyaraj, Amala Paul, Santhanam
DURATION:3 hours 2 minutes
Thalaivaa Full Movie Download


Thalaivaa Full Movie Download


Thalaivaa Full Movie Download


In the in the meantime, his solely son Vijay (Vishwa) is growing up in Sydney, far from his father’s Godfather-style life. He dances and romances sort of a carefree boy. until his girl love, Amala Paul (Meera) and her father raise him to accompany them to metropolis to debate his wedding. What ought to ideally are a contented trip turns into a hard one thanks to a twist within the plot. The suspense is well-guarded.

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