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The film is actually a horror-comedy with a mystical spin. For the family audience, there’s an honest dose of sentimentality still.

Director: Rahul Sankrityan
Writers: Saikumar Reddy, Saikumar Reddy
Stars: Vijay Deverakonda, Priyanka Jawalkar, Madhunandan

Debutant director Rahul Sankrityan attracts from the standard formula to make drama. He features a huge advantage. Usually, star heroes don’t seem to be seen in horror-comedies. once Deverakonda accepted ‘Taxiwaala’, he wasn’t a star. He now’s one. If something, this is often fortuitous for the film.

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Spooky things begin happening within the automotive. At one purpose, Shiva thinks of obtaining obviate it even if it’s his living and he has to build a cash on that for the treatment of his pregnant Vadina Kalyani plays Ravi Prakash’s wife.

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Shiva’s equations with the mysterious automotive undergo a change once he discovers that it’s harmless towards him. however, a twist within the tale comes once it kills a client savagely and Shiva is terrified!

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The rest of the film is concerning however Shiva and his friends approach finding out the reality behind the car’s supernatural behavior. a lady named Sirrah and a person of the mind enters the scene.

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