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Abhi (Rahul Vijay) is prepared to be engaged to Pooja (Perlene Bhesania), a lady he’s slowly falling for. however in walks into his life his ex-girlfriend Suryakantham (Niharika Konidela) just like the cyclone that she is. Stuck between each, Abhi struggles to search out how to resolve matters peacefully.

Director: Pranith Bramandapally
Stars: Niharika Konidela, Shivaji Raja, Rahul Vijay

Image this – 2 people square measure soft on however one in all them is commitment psychoneurotic and decides to run far away from matters rather than facing it. however, that doesn’t mean it isn’t loved, as a result of it’s.

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The aforementioned individual additionally decides to steer into the lifetime of the person they left behind at the worst time attainable, inflicting problems however refusing to provide up. feels like 1,000,000 different rom-com you’ve seen before? that’s what the story of Suryakantham is all regarding.

Suryakantham Low Quality Full Movie Download

How regarding this? There’s a mass song plus a desi dance in part of AN intro scene, a motor-mouth WHO isn’t frightened of touch up folks, an affectioned mother trying to check her kid settled, aforementioned kid stubborn of doing something however that and instead, electing to kill everybody with wittiness.

Suryakantham Full Movie High Quality Download

Doesn’t it rouse mind 1,000,000 intro scenes of each star hero to ever exist in TFI? Here’s wherever Suryakantham sets itself apart, from giving all of the higher than and add to its feminine lead – Niharika Konidela – rather than Rahul Vijay.

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