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The film’s story is primarily targeted around a mysterious village named Subrahmanyapuram. Sumanth, a staunch atheist from Hyderabad, lands in Subrahmanyapuram as a part of his analysis concerning gods.

Release date : December 07, 2018
Starring : Sumanth , Eesha Rebba
Director : Santhossh Jagarlapudi
Producer : Beeram Sudhakara Reddy
Music Director : Shekar Chandra
Cinematographer : R K Prathap
Editor : Karthika Srinivas

On the opposite hand, a series of mysterious suicides grip the whole village in worry. All the irrational villagers claim that the suicides square measure happening because of the fury of the Lord Karthikeya. At this time, Sumanth sets out on a mission to unearth the mystery behind these suicides. can he achieve success find the reality forms the remainder of the story.

Subramaniapuram Full HD Download

The intriguing plot is that the main highlight of Subramanyapuram. Especially, bound events within the last half interact the audience until the top. The core story doesn’t get diluted with surplus parts and therefore the crucial twist throughout the pre-climax is attention-grabbing.

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Sumanth is a prime notch in his role of AN atheist. His performance within the scene wherever he confronts the villagers stands out. Eesha Rebba appearance smart in her girl-next-door character and conjointly emoted well throughout the film. Senior hero Suresh gets a meaty role and he plays it well.

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The major disadvantage of Subrahmanyapuram is that the film provides a dejavu feeling of Nikhil’s 2014 hit supernatural heroic tale, Karthikeya. ranging from the start, the whole script of Subrahmanyapuram, as well as the hero’s characterization and therefore the climax twist, is heavily influenced by Karthikeya. This certainty hampers what might are fascinating expertise.

After AN intriguing 1st act, the film runs at a slow pace till the suspense-filled interval. The mysterious suicides get repetitive once a degree. Sumanth’s role is kind of passive within the half as he doesn’t have abundant to try to.

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