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Srikanta, United Nations agency will odd jobs for ‘social justice’, meets a journalist on the way to Agumbe. The pair get talking once they exchange stories.

Director: Manju Swaraj
Writer: Manju Swaraj
Stars: Shivarajkumar, Chandini Sreedharan, Anil

We have a tendency to get to understand Srikanta’s tale of romance, policy and additional through the journey, wherever there area unit several twists and turns that cause a climax that stumps the audience.

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Srikanta by Manju Swaraj brings back the Shivarajkumar seen in films like Kaddipudi. His acting is generally refined and therefore the film deals with several relevant social problems.

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The film touches upon several topics that area unit seen however not spoken concerning, however, the clever narrative sees a small device within the finish, with the associate over-stretched climax.

Srikanta Full Movie High Quality Download

The protagonist’s behavior and actions area unit in contrast to most industrial heroes and it’s onerous to imagine somebody as detached as Srikanta.

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