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Sowkarpettai Full Movie Free Download in Fully High Quality on 720p. Remember those horror films that market themselves by saying an enormous reward if you watch it alone in a very theater? Sowkarpettai, too, might have done one thing similar. ‘Rs. 10,000 for anybody UN agency will sit thorough this film. albeit in a full theater’, the notice might have scanned. It’s one more horror-sleaze-comedy, Kollywood’s latest rage, following the Aranmanai and Muni series. In different words, it’s the type of film wherever even ghosts (Raai Laxmi mostly) aren’t spared from being objectified.

Sowkarpettai Full Movie Watch Online

Though named Sowkarpettai, it isn’t precisely a movie you ought to watch along with your North Indian friends. Why? The film is regarding however 2 ghosts Maya (Raai Laxmi) and Vetri (Srikanth) penalize being dead by a Marwari usurer named Godhra Seth (like the riot?) and his 3 ‘Rajasthan ki her’ sons. In a scene, Godhra Seth’s son tells Srikanth, ‘ Unga appa gale Vetri Nnu Solli Kopitar, eng app single vatting Solli Kopitar. [Your father raised you by the line of work you Vetri (victory). Our father raised U.S. by the line of work U.S. Gatti (interest).] There’s no place for subtlety in Sowkarpettai.

It’s additionally fascinating however solely the younger couple, once obtaining dead, become ghosts. Vetri’s oldsters (played by Thalaivasal Vijay and Rekha), area unit dead by an equivalent cluster even as savagely, however somehow don’t get an opportunity to become ghosts and take revenge. What then, is that the ‘eligibility’ to become a ghost in films like these? does one have to be compelled to be a precise people, ideally with fans? Or will it need a precise quantity of glamor?

Director: Vadivudaiyan
Stars: Aarthi, Raai Laxmi, Madhavan
The story is about two lovers who are murdered by villains. They come back as ghosts and start taking revenge on the people who killed them.

Sowkarpettai Full Movie Download

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