Sorry Daddy Hindi Full Movie HD Quality Download

Sorry Daddy Hindi Movie Review: There’s a sheer randomness to the narrative, in truth the film is nothing quite a series of discretionary scenes arrange along. Sorry Daddy Hindi Full Movie HD Quality Download in 2015. therefore you discover a villain like Daddan (Mukesh Tiwari), helming a spurious liquor business, UN agency simply disappears when a number of scenes.

Director: Vijay Pal
Stars: Shamim Khan, Mukesh Tiwari, Tinnu Verma

A Raghuvir Yadav suddenly springs up out of nothing, cringingly over-emoting to a song. Associate in Nursing lyric poem to villain Jeevan is slipped in mere like that.

Sorry Daddy Full Movie HD Download

Then you’ve got Associate in Nursing mindless comic scene with somebody referred to as Ashok Lambretta (Razzak Khan) against the scenery of a mansion with a pool filled with two-piece-clad girls (one-piece bikini mind you, we tend to area unit bashful like that).

If this isn’t enough to sell the film to you there’s conjointly a villain’s den (a cross between Gabbar’s boulders and caves and therefore the elaborate, fancy lairs of the Bond baddies) wherever a tiny low scale trade flourishes—that of turning children into beggars with some cut off limbs flying around (no our Censor Board doesn’t appear to mind such gore).

Sorry Daddy Full Movie Trailer

Within the name of plot you’ve got adult male cop Ravi (Shameem Khan), UN agency is far infatuated along with his female offspring Anishka, fighting the crime of every kind particularly the beggars’ syndicate.

Incidentally, he conjointly sports facial expressions you may die for. Sorry dada, in its flashiness, seems like a slightly improved version of the Malegaon video films.

Sorry Daddy Full HD Movie Download

A movie that doesn’t will, however, finish up creating you laugh aloud. And it conjointly causes you to marvel why the title is what it’s. Why not thanks Daddy?

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