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Someone nice, a brand new Netflix original comedy was written and directed by the first-time film-maker Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, is that the reasonably motion picture that’s each undeniably of its time and still curiously memorization.

Director: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
Writer: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
Stars: Gina Rodriguez, LaKeith Stanfield, Brittany Snow

From time to time then|every now and then} it plays like an uninterrupted torrent of memes and millennialisms, as if its attention to the idiom and particularities of up to date urban life may disguise the actual fact that it’s otherwise a typical,

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Paint-by-the-numbers buddy-romcom, during which 3 girlfriends – 2 square measure on the heels of a breakup; the third has sworn off committed relationships – ring in their sisterhood and their sorrows at a stylish music competition.

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Characters juul ad nauseum. They compare several homes in Hogwarts. they assert things like “slide into my DMs” and “tastemakers’ brunch” or name-drop Liz Lemon and girl Bird.

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There’s potential here for a sort of zeitgeisty farce – The Sweetest factor revamped for the age of memes – and however somebody nice manages to undermine its capability for novelty at virtually every flip, remaining sadly compliant with the beats of the genre it seeks to uproot.

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