Solli Vidava Tamil 2018 Full Movie HD Download

Solli Vidava Tamil Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. Solli Vidava Movie Review: Love stories set against war scenery is nothing unaccustomed Tamil audience. Sollividava, too, has a romance between its lead pairs, however, the hero and heroine here aren’t full of the war, in contrast to several films that belonged to the present line.

They’re TV journalists, Sanjay (Chandan) and Madhu (Aishwarya) from completely different channels primarily based out of the city, sent to report on an associate degree in progress war — the historical Kargil War of 1999.

Solli Vidava Full Movie HD Download

There are casualties that happen on a partly-convincing war field. tho’ the 2 of them grasp one another, because of a handful of encounters in the city, it’s throughout their assignment in a geographical area that they begin loving one another.

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Sanjay hails from a middle-class family, associate degreed his father (Naan Kadavul Rajendran) still hopes he can become an actor.

Madhu belongs to associate degree elite family and considers his gramps (K Vishwanath) her world. Then, there’s her aunty (Suhasini), UN agency needs that she becomes her relative-in-law.

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Solli Vidava Full HD Movie Download

Madhu’s aunty and grandfather are creating preparations for her wedding, whereas she realizes what her duties and wishes in life are. however, can she be able to lead the life she wants?

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