Siddhartha Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Download

Siddhartha Telugu Full Movie HD Quality Download in Hindi Dubbed. Surya(Sagar) belongs to a family World Health Organization has issues with one more factionist family. so as to finish the deadly feud between the 2 families, Surya’s mom(Sana) sends him to the capital of Thailand to steer a brand new life.

Release date : September 16, 2016
Director : KV Dayanand Reddy
Producer : Dasari Kiran Kumar
Music Director : Mani Sharma
Starring : Sagar, Ragini, Sakshi Chowdary

There, Hindu deity changes his name as Buddha and falls infatuated with Sahasra( Ragini). Siddhartha Full Movie Download. once things appear to be going fully fine, his mother suddenly asks him to return back and marry the daughter(Sakshi Chowdary) of his enemy’s family.

Siddhartha Full Movie HD Download

What will Hindu deity alias Buddha do currently? what is going to happen to Sahasra ? can he marry consistent with his mother’s want? That forms the remainder of the story.

Siddhartha Full Movie Trailer

Sagar makes a good try as a full-fledged hero. He has the appearance, acting talent and screen presence and may go an extended means if he chooses his films well. Sagar suits his role well throughout the primary and makes an effect. All his scenes with the heroine are designed well.

Siddhartha Full HD Movie Download

Heroine Ragini gets a meaty role associate degreed impresses to an extent. Happy Days fame, Ranadhir gets an honest role and will his best because the supporting solid. Siddhartha Full Movie HD Download. Ajay is meaty because of the individual. Satyam Rajesh manages to bring some laughs throughout the half.

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Siddhartha Full HD Download

Firstly, the director fails to use the talent of Sagar throughout the half. The hero has hardly seen throughout this point and alternative extra characters take center stage. once an attractive half, the film falls flat because the twist is diluted and therefore the proceedings get routine with some extra tracks.

The logic goes for a toss throughout this point as an honest storyline is created quite silly. The climax of the film is additionally dragged with some routine emotional moments. Ajay’s role and his ill will with the hero lack clarity.

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