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Sharp Shooter Full HD Quality Download In 720p, Ghouse Peer’s directorial debut is associate alleged comedy, yet, there ar solely some sequences wherever real laughter is named for. the remainder of the film struggles to search out the comic temporal arrangement. The film had several things going for it with an honest forged and a plausible plot. Peer manages to make the structure colourfully however fails to capitalise on that. Sharp Shooter finally ends up as simply another disobedient try.

Sharp Shooter Full HD Download


Sharp Shooter Full HD Download


Jedara Kannappa (Diganth), a idle youth, falls smitten however fails to inform his girlfriend that he has nyctalopia. He manages to figure his approach through the connection despite the handicap, however he gets into bother unwittingly as he’s suspected as a sharpshooter World Health Organization killed associate underworld don. Sub-plots reveal that each his girlfriend and mother ar pleased with him turning a ‘killer’. Most of the film is therefore associate extension of his nyctalopia journey.

IMDB Ratings: N/A
Genres: Action, Comedy
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p HDRip
Size: 876mb
Director: Ghouse Peer
Writer: Ghouse Peer
Stars: Diganth, Sangeetha Chauhan

Sharp Shooter Full HD Download


There ar several irritants within the film that kill the comedy. The phonation of ‘Heegu Unte’ Narayansway within the half and also the character vie by Mitra within the entire film is tiresome. Even smart actors ar wasted. Lakshmi is formed to ‘act’ in long shots as if on a drama stage. The film is delicate one moment and loud within the next, jarring the narrative. together with the characters, the story too follows associate inconsistent path. The songs ar smart so ar the locales. whereas the plot looks quick enough, individual scenes tend to be static and long. The actors have solely done what they were asked to, the director might have done additional.

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