Shambho Shankara Telugu (2018) Full Movie Download

Shambho Shankara Telugu Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. The story of the film is predicated in an exceedingly village known as Ankalamma Palle. The village’s president(Ajay Ghosh) keeps torturing everybody deeds them terribly sad. Shankar(Shakalaka Shankar) is that the solely man UN agency will stand the would possibly of the president. But, he too finds it terribly laborious to face the president most of the time. the remainder of the story is on however Shankar finally manages to search out some courageousness and dethrones the president.

Release date : June 29, 2018
Starring : Shakalaka Shankar, Karunya Chowdary
Director : N Sreedhar
Producers : Y.Ramana Reddy, Suresh Kondeti
Music Director : Sai Karthik
Cinematographer : Rajasekhar
Editor : Chota.K.Prasad

Shakalaka Shankar because the main lead is spectacular. He has lost weight and did all the schoolwork well to perform as a hero. He danced well, did all the fights decently and conjointly spoke a couple of mass dialogues with ease and didn’t look over the highest.

Shambho Shankara Full Movie HD Download

The family emotional scenes in the film are smart and are dead well. The pre-interval sequence is spectacular as Shankar’s performance is extremely smart at now. Shambho Shankara Full Movie Download. Heroine Karunya Chowdary appearance tight and shared a decent chemistry with Shankar.

Shambho Shankara Full Movie Trailer

Director Sreedhar has designed Shankar’s character well however his narration lacks the punch. The book goes for an append the last half because the proceedings inform you of the many hit films within the past.

Tway hero transforms into a god many time appearances dragged and over the highest. Also, Shankar’s over action throughout these scenes is frightful. Shambho Shankara Full Movie HD Quality Download. Things become really easy for the hero within the last half as all the issues keep obtaining solved one once the opposite. One UN agency expects fun from Shankar’s role are defeated as there’s not a lot of comedy generated from him.

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Shambho Shankara Full Movie Download in HD

Music and background score by Sai Karthick is tight. Production values are smart and also the cinematographer showcases Shankar and also the film in an exceedingly smart light-weight. Dialogues are tight so was the village got wind of. writing by Chota K Prasad isn’t up to the mark within the half. coming back to the director Sreedhar, he has done a half-baked job. aside from the hero elevation scenes and a few family emotions, his narration is kind of dissatisfactory and routine.

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