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Once again, Tollywood has managed to herald associate degree exceptional plan, or concept, if you’ll, with the backing of a giant star. The last time I saw a Telugu picture with sole muscle and no brain was most likely last year, maybe.

Director: Chandoo Mondeti
Writer: Chandoo Mondeti
Stars: Madhavan, Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, Nidhhi Agerwal

This year has been quite totally different for Tollywood cinema with son NTR’s Aravinda Samantha and currently Kamarupan Chaitanya’s Sabyasachi. each the films haven’t solely paid in on the action sequences to bring their audience to the theatres whereas the plot of the films has been jumpy, engrossing associate degreed outright thrilling! And whereas Kamarupan Chaitanya’s Savyasachi makes the cut off being an action-thriller, it’s slow to begin has been quite a medicine.

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Vikram Hindu deity, the protagonist, is born with the Vanishing Twin Syndrome whereby his left aspect of the body is controlled by his twin. he’s an advertisement movie maker UN agency is named to be a district of a Himachal trip beside many different random strangers.

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As people within the bus begin chit-chatting over many things, one name pops up, Arun. seems all of them have some loose string connected to the name Arun. whereas one is associate degree alienated ex-girlfriend, another, his academician in school.

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Now, before the R Madhavan-gush engine flies, let’s initial discuss the aspects of Kamarupan Chaitanya because the solo-twin Vikram-Aditya that gave him the ‘hero’ stance. Kamarupan is superb because the guy UN agency perpetually loses his grip on his left as a result of it’s controlled by his twin. Spanks on butts and slaps on the face area unit a typical prevalence in his life.

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