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Sathya Movie Review: Remaking Associate in Nursing intense suspense heroic tale isn’t a straightforward job. Sathya Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. Kshanam, a Tollywood film that free nearly 2 years agone, was lauded for its showing neatness organized intriguing sequences.

Director: Pradeep Krishnamoorthy
Stars: Anandraj, Ramya Nambeeshan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Once a Tamil version of the film was proclaimed, with a unique solid altogether, a trustworthy try, if less, is what one clearly expected.

Sathya HD quality Full Movie Free Download

Sathya (Sibiraj) and Swetha (Remya), United Nations agency add a constant company, fall enamored with one another although the latter’s father (Nizhalgal Ravi) desires her girl to urge married to somebody United Nations agency is additional eligible.

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A slew of surprising flip of events separate them – a couple of years later, Swetha is married and incorporates a child, whereas Sathya leads a not-so-happy life in Australia. One fine day, Sathya gets a decision from Swetha, pleading him to assist her to notice her missing woman.

He flies all the way down to the urban center to assist her ex-lover, however to the shock of his life, he realizes that one thing mysterious is going on in relation to the missing kid.

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A dealer, man Khan (Sathish), whom he encounters inadvertently, Swetha’s junkie in-law policeman (Ravi Varma), police officers Chowdry (Anandraj) and Anuya (Varalaxmi) – all of them come back up with contrastive remarks concerning the missing case that place Sathya during a state of a fix.

He loses hope as the investigation progresses, that disappoints Swetha. United Nations agency has kidnaped her daughter? can Sathya be ready to facilitate her ex-flame?

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