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Santhoshathil Kalavaram Movie many school friends, United Nations agency prolong a fun trip to a forest, get at bay there. one among them United Nations agency possesses supernatural powers to facilitate them fight against Associate in Nursing evil force that hassle them throughout the journey.

Director: Kranthi Prasad
Writer: Kranthi Prasad
Stars: Niranth, Rudra Aura, Aaryan

A group of friends, United Nations agency were school mates once, prolong Associate in Nursing venturesome trip to a forest to celebrate one among their birthdays. very little did they grasp that they need to encounter Associate in Nursing spirit throughout their journey.

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The gang, that includes of boys and women, forms four pairs supported their feeling for every different and ensures all of them have a gala time.As time glided by, they begin sensing the existence of Associate in Nursing spirit, except one within the cluster,

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United Nations agency maintains distance from others owing to his peculiar behavior. tho’ he’s typically created fun of by others within the cluster, because the sequences progress,

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He becomes the savior of the whole gang. His supernatural powers and experience concerning nature, helps the cluster overcome heaps of hurdles that create threat to them.

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