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Samay Full Movie Free Download in Fully HD Quality on mp4. ACP Malvika Chauhan (Sushmita Sen) could be an unmarried cop having a 10-year-old female offspring. She is saddled with the murder case of a supposed bourgeois, wherever the killer has left no proof. Before she will be able to get into the investigation, a noted heroine is killed. Malvika suspects that it’d be the work of a serial murderer.

Investigation reveals that each the victims had no association. Plus, even the suspects with motives weren’t close to the crime scenes. Suddenly Malvika realizes that someone is stalking her. Malvika accosts her stalker, however he reveals that he was simply doing it for a criminal named Suleman Bhai. As Suleman has that a lot of experience to kill somebody while not feat proof, Malvika thinks she has a killer for a minimum of one case. however once Malvika goes to Suleman’s house, she finds Suleman dead.

Again out of leads, Malvika starts probing case files of all three victims. She finds four connections:- 1] All were best individuals in their fields. 2] All had a poor sight with eye power -2. 3] All ordered their spectacles from a similar search. 4] The position of their hands on the crime scene indicated their time of death (12 pm, 3 pm, and 6 pm).

Malvika goes to the search to research, wherever the assistant says that her sight is ideal, however her vision is incredibly weak. Malvika doesn’t understand what he means that, however once learning that the assistant didn’t present itself that day, she realizes that she talked with the killer (whom she couldn’t see, because the area was dark). Later, she finds out from the list of consumers that someone named Amod Parekh (Jackie Shroff), conjointly with eye power -2, visited a similar optical search on the times once all the 3 dead persons visited the search, and believes him to be the killer.

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