Sabki Bajegi Band Full Movie High Quality Download

Sabki Bajegi Band Full Movie Free High Quality Download. Sabki Bajegi Band Movie Review: Touted as India’s initial reality film, Sabki Bajegi Band may be a recreation of actual speech communication that the director apparently had together with his celeb friends at a personal party, hosted by him at his house.

Director: Anirudh Chawla
Writers: Anirudh Chawla, Anirudh Chawla
Stars: Swara Bhaskar, Shaurya Chauhan, Jhanvi Desai

The movie additionally takes digs at industrial Bollywood potboilers, for being conventional. so it’s deliberately created in Associate in Nursing episodic manner, giving the visuals a hand-held camera treatment and dedicating every section to Bollywood clichés (read item song, emotional scene etc). whereas the idea appears intriguing, the content and execution is a way from being even remotely tolerable.

Sabki Bajegi Band Full Movie HD Download

To begin with, you marvel what reasonably social background do these questionable friends come back from as their views square measure despicable.

Sabki Bajegi Band Full Movie Trailer

Every character displays Rakhi Sawant sensibilities and her passion for jetting ridiculous mindless statements that cause you to cringe.

One of the actresses specifically flaunts her information (rather an ignorance) on the way to tell if a bloke is gay by creating astounding revelations. She says, “He is gay if he uses floral or bright handkerchiefs.

Sabki Bajegi Band Full HD Movie Download

He’s gay if he checks out his shoe by kicking his leg back rather than front and he’s gay if he loves his mother the foremost.” The last purpose specifically makes films like seasoner look intelligent.

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