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It is a sorry state of affairs for Soori within the film `RX Soori’. Time and once more it’s told in Kannada film screen that rowdies don’t have any future. nevertheless, we’ve reformed rowdies in the world. The constructive book from debutant Sreejay is missing. it’s harmful and director Sreejay misses the honest producer Ka Suresh investment on the film.

Director: Shrijai
Writer: Shrijai
Stars: Akanksha, Adi Lokesh, P. Ravi Shankar

Additionally, to the current lapse actor, Vijay has conjointly lost the power to gauge the repercussion of his film. The climax wherever Vijay is carried in procession to cemetery and incineration thenceforth, the fans of Vijay cannot digest it. within the method, the aim of the film to showcase that rowdy activity results in such a scenario is simply like every different run of the mill film.

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RX Soori (Vijay) is muscular, disposition youth despite rowdy tag. He doesn’t reciprocate the love of Meera (Akanksha) however things go against his initial attitude. He falls soft on with Meera. Mother of Soori is near to discuss the wedding with Meera mother, hell breaks out at the temple premises. this is often what we’ve seen in many films. RX Soori shut aide joins the opponent gang for a ransom.

It’s fighting to end. The opponent leader Ravishanker and Soori in battle lose their life. the choice of subject is routine and there’s no wise treatment from the director. Everything is in step with your expectation. Dhuniya Vijay ought to build a careful choice of subjects.

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He’s AN action hero. 2 action parts are routine. He shouldn’t face the defeat within the eyes of his fans. The last scene of Dhuniya Vijay with a wounded face is wicked to observe. Akanksha has a fantastic career ahead. She is incredibly pretty and talent is additionally sensible within the initial film. Rajeev, Shobaraj, Thulasi Shivamani, Vinayaprakash have given admirable support.

RX Suri Full HD Movie Download

Ravishankar ethic within the film isn’t assimilable. There are not any powerful dialogues either for Vijay or for Ravishanker during this film. Arjun Janya 2 tunes ar are passable. The costumes and dance ar sensible treat to eyes. HC Venu veteran handling the camera makes it snug to the eyes during this 154 minutes `RX Soori’.

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