Rough Book Hindi Full Movie HD Download

Rough Book Full Movie Download in High Quality on 720p. After a traumatic divide along with her husband, Santoshi joins a replacement faculty. The physics teacher is given the weakest category to teach.

Director: Ananth Narayan Mahadevan
Writers: Sanjay Chauhan, Ananth Narayan Mahadevan
Stars: Tannishtha Chatterjee, Mukesh Hariawala, Amaan Khan

It’s an associate insurmountable task to create her students target studies. can her steering facilitate them?

If you’ve got watched Sir Philip Sidney Poitier’s 1967 classic To Sir, With Love, you will recognize from a distance what Anant Mahadevan’s Rough Book is all concerning.

Rough Book Full Movie HD Download

A sincere teacher and a category filled with unmanageable students (who eventually have a modification of heart), makes for a noble film however has nothing novel to mention.

Rough Book Full Movie Trailer

Anant and his co-writer Sanjay Chauhan waste an excessive amount of energy in sketching the myriad reminder the protagonist (Santoshi compete by Tannishtha Chatterjee). Rough Book Full Movie HD Download. She is everything you expect her to be – a combination of three Idiots’ Ranchoddas Chanchad with a wee bit o’ Maria from The Sound of Music.

Rough Book Full HD Movie Download

The narrative is delicate however does not focus abundant on the teacher-student chumminess, that is important to such a story. Neither will Anant dig deeper into Suhail’s (a wealthy brat whose father could be a high notch lawyer) journey from reckless to studious. The transformation happens dead sans a prelude, that isn’t impactful enough.

Rough Book Full HD Download

Their mission of representational process education as a job and not a money-minting business gets lost within the film’s half-baked execution.

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Even as you lose your heart to Rough Book’s intention, you cannot purchase the unskilled story. The dialogues area unit dated, the story is certain (despite a fleeting surprise towards the end) and also the climax is sloppily done.

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