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The show begins with few animal smugglers getting into a cottage and steals 2 puppies of the alsatian breed. whereas on the method, the door of the van opens and one amongst the puppies falls down. ACP Santhosh (Srikanth) United Nations agency rescues the pup takes it to his house.

Director: K C Bokadia
Writer: K C Bokadia
Genre: Action, Drama
Cast & Crew: Eshanya Maheshwari, Nassar, Srikanth

He and his adult female (Eshanya Maheshwari) name it Rocky and send it to working dog coaching college. a number of years later, the totally trained Rocky returns home. Meanwhile, Santhosh is hostile with the native MLA Thenappan (Sayaji Shinde).

Rocky: The Revenge
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Santhosh arrests Pandi (OAK Sundar), the confederate of Thenappan on weapon importation case and puts him behind the bar. associate irked MLA waits for an opportunity to kill Santhosh and bumps him off; the spectator to the murder is Rocky. the remainder is all concerning however Rocky avenges the death of his master.

Rocky: The Revenge High Quality Download

Srikanth in an exceedingly temporary look replete with 2 romantic numbers with Eshanya is simply adequate. All others Nasser, Sayaji Shinde, OAK Sundar, and Brahmanandham don’t have very much like the story is focused on the dogs.

Rocky: The Revenge Full Movie High Quality Download

Rocky even has associate intro song bit and flashback parts. The well-trained 2 German Shepherds look majestic and given an excellent performance.

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