Rocket Raja (Thikka) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

Rocket Raja (Thikka) full movie Hindi Dubbed HD quality download. Rocket Raja (Thikka) movie review: The film may be a confusion seize drama; Hindu deity (Sai Dharam Tej) may be a booze-happy tiddler World Health Organization enjoys his day to day life till he meets an attractive woman Anjali in Associate in Nursing accident. He falls loving along with her initially sight itself and conjointly makes her fall love him too.

Director: Sunil K. Reddy
Writers: Lakshmi Bhoopal, Sheik Dawood G.
Stars: Ajay, Ali, Anand

Once she entered to his life his entire modus vivendi changes he leaves one by one all his dangerous habits, acquires employment during a company company and she or he conjointly separate Hindu deity from his father Manohar (Rajendra Prasad) World Health Organization may be a massive womaniser and drunker than him and conjointly joins Manohar during a rehabilitation center.

Rocket Raja Full Movie HD Download

The twist within the story arises once complications erupt between the couple and that they slice with one another for a tiny low quarrel.

Rocket Raja Full Movie Trailer

Anjali may be a female offspring of a multimillionaire Madan Mohan (Anand) World Health Organization fixes her wedding with another made man’s son Jayanth (Vennela Kishore).

At the same time within the workplace, Hindu deity conned by Kapoor (Ali) World Health Organization desires to offer a promotion to his girlfriend Kavitha (Mumaith Khan), thus he traps Hindu deity makes him cheat his childhood friend author (Sathya) that makes the conflict between them.

Rocket Raja Full HD Movie Download

The annoyed Hindu deity incorporate an opportunity up party alongside his friends wherever such a big amount of characters enter into his life, ranging from his father Manohar escaping from rehabilitation center alongside a lady Kamala (VJ Bani) his lover, World Health Organization may be a female offspring of a late mafia don Devraj (Jakki), then a prostitute the Padma get the image, suddenly 2 gangs of Hindu Bhai (Ajay) and Narasimha (Raghu Babu) square measure once Hindu deity.

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Rocket Raja Full HD Download

A series of mad events follow – they fight with some guys, destroy an eating place, a petroleum bunk is burnt, etc. a lot of on it Anjali elopes from wedding for Hindu deity and her father Madan Mohan’s men are behind him and another lovely woman Virisha (Mannara Chopra) tries to kill Hindu deity language herself as his ex-lover.

The remainder of the story, however, Hindu deity comes out from this crazy scenario.

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