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Ratsasan Tamil Horror Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. In the starting of Ratsasan, we have a tendency to get to visualize a murder. A mysterious wrongdoer walks towards a tied-up girl and starts her along with his axe.

Director: Ram Kumar
Writer: Ram Kumar
Stars: Radha Ravi, Sangili Murugan, Nizhalgal Ravi

Before we are able to feel the shock, we have a tendency to get to visualize that it’s truly a movie shoot. and therefore the next instant, we have a tendency to conjointly conclude that it’s a dream – of Arun Kumar (Vishnu Vishal, effective), AN aspiring movie maker. Arun needs to create a picture show on a murderer, however, faces rejection at each step of the method. These scenes appear to be a relevance what director Ram Kumar may need Janus-faced with this script in reality.

Ratsasan Full HD Download

Except for Arun, the pressure from his family forces him to become a cop. His late father was a cop ANd with an uncle (Ramadoss) within the local department, entering into the force isn’t too troublesome for him.

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And then the plot kicks in. a lady is found dead in a very ugly manner and Arun finds out that it can be connected to a previous case. All the analysis that he had in deep trouble his picture show script leads him to understand that these can be the work of a murderer And there’s hardly any clue. Soon, another few murders occur, with one being a private loss, that solely will increase his resolve to catch the liquidator.

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Rahsaan could be a competent heroic tale, for the foremost half. there’s a tautness to the storytelling, particularly till the interval block, that keeps the United States of America hooked.

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Free Download Ratsasan Full Movie

Even the obligatory romance – Amala Paul plays a lecturer whom Arun is obsessed with – is quickly bound up with one or two of scenes. most so even the short romantic song has Arun’s investigation happening within the background.

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