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Rangeela Raja Full Movie Review: Believe it or faint, however. Rangeela Raja is all concerning solidification men of harmful masculinity and also the sense of title they need towards a feminine friendly relationship. it is a cautionary tale against rape culture. solely it will it dead such AN over the highest and hamfisted manner, that you just marvel what was the purpose of it all.

Director: Sikander Bharti
Writers: Khalid Azmi, Raj Verma
Stars: Govinda, Mishika Chourasia, Karan Aanand

Govinda plays a double role in the film. That of a degenerate raja and his abundant saner younger brother. If the elder brother could be a prolific skirt-chaser, the younger could be a Hanuman bhakt United Nations agency does not even wish the shadow of a lady to fall on him. therefore predictably, we have a tendency to see the elder bedding girls, because of his cash and power and also the younger deed from ladies.

Rangeela Raja Full HD Download

Since it’s Govinda, there square measure dance numbers emphasizing each the facts. It’s to the star’s credit that he will still shake that pillage, despite his age. Rangeela Raja full HD quality movie download. therefore you withdraw into some ’80s yearning once the songs return on, observance Govinda shed away the years as he grooves with girls his age. Dance is actually his component and you’ll see he is completely enjoying himself.

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As explicit earlier, the film is concerning telling men to prevent viewing girls as mere sex objects. Rangeela Raja full movie free high-quality download. The adult male raja crosses a line once he rapes one in every of his staff (Mishika Chaurasia).

She takes revenge by marrying the younger brother. therefore, in fact, you’ve got all forms of awkward things occurring on an everyday basis. The raja’s partner (Digangana Suryavanshi) gets to grasp the reality and matched thereupon Mishika’ s character gets pregnant resulting in additional complications.

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Free Download Rangeela Raja Full Movie

It all boils all the way down to a face-off within the desert at the top. A thundering climax that includes camels, horses ANd an Akshay Kumar look-alike brings this lurid tale to a halt.

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