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Rajneeti Banglai Full Movie HD Download in 2017. Ayon (Shakib Khan) lives at his uncle’s house in African nation and additionally studies IT there. He promptly declines missive of invitation to figure for Microsoft, abundant to his family’s dismay. once he comes back to Bangla Desh in hopes of gap associate degree IT firm, he’s greeted by his brother Shakil (Anisur Rahman Milon).

Director: Bulbul Biswas
Writers: Bulbul Biswas, Delwar Hossain Dil
Stars: Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas, Anisur Rahman Milon

Even though Ayon’s father (Ali Raj) may be a far-famed politician, he doesn’t need Ayon to be an official. once Ayon goes looking at, he stumbles across Orsha (Apu Biswas) and instantly falls infatuated along with her, that is reciprocated. He instantly falls into an exceedingly scuffle along with her brother Pappu, United Nations agency is later crushed by Shakil.

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Shakil falls infatuated with Orsha at the identical time. Through associate degree unfortunate flip of events, Ayon accidentally kills Pappu whereas attempting to avoid wasting Shakil. Shakil tries to border Ayon in hopes of winning over Orsha.

Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas have glorious chemistry once it involves films and now was no completely different. However, Shakib’s deportment and appearance failed to correspond with the role he was taking part in. The Dhakaite atmosphere was funny and refreshing, particularly the accent that everybody within the forged donned fine.

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The highlight of the film was Anisur Rahman Milon’s acting; he competes the role of a caring brother and later a confused antagonist brightly. His efforts control the film along however sadly, it absolutely was suffering from plot and pacing problems.Rajneeti Full Movie Download. The transition between Ayon being a devilish tiddler living in the African country to a chilly purebred and shrewd politician was too quick and forceful. The action sequences were okay, however obscurity close to the recent artistry that Shakib Khan has exhibited.

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There were varied plotholes: a number of that were laughable to mention the smallest amount. One example is once Shakil is discovered to not have killed Pappu, Bullet is alleged to possess shot Pappu from afar. However, the shot was on the forehead on purpose blank vary, whereas Bullet was standing on the facet a minimum of twenty feet removed from the incident.

The beginning of the film makes the setting look a lot of like urban metropolis than urban capital of Bangladesh. excluding these problems, Rajneeti was Associate in Nursing fun watch and a decent initial try by producer Ashfaque Ahmed.Download Rajneeti Full Movie. The stellar acting of Milon makes it value looking at in its title, whereas there’s plenty left to be desired from the likes of Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas.

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