Raduaa (2018) Full Movie HD Quality Download

Raduaa (2018) Panjabi Full Movie HD Quality Download. The genre sci-fi principally suggests that originative ideas, time travel, advanced science and technology, scientific innovations and after all, plenty of pleasure. And once it’s a sci-fi Punjabi film, you recognize you wouldn’t miss this one for love or money. currently, that’s a distinct story that you simply regret your call within the finish.

Director: Nav Bajwa
Star cast: Nav Bajwa, Gurpreet Ghuggi, BN Sharma, Satinder Satti, Vaibhavi Joshi, Gurpreet Bhangu, Mahabir Bhullar

Director Nav Bajwa’s film Raduaa is a perfect probability for scientists and science students to find out some staple items regarding inventions, such as you will travel back and forth in time; all you would like is bijli (electricity), wiring and frequency. Raduaa Full Movie Download. And, an inexperienced colored nameless answer. Also, you’ll travel along with your friends and your love (if he or she is feeling left out).

Raduaa Full Movie HD Download

Raduaa and also the ‘radio’ in it provide a one-stop answer to the protection issue of our country. Because, if you have got a radio just like the one in Raduaa, it may be accustomed intercept frequencies of the complete world. Imagine, catching the frequency of the White House!

Raduaa Full Movie Trailer

Now, this is often what Punjabi cinema’s initial sci-fi film principally offers. Director Nav Bajwa handles four completely different departments within the film, writing, direction, and acting and, he’s conjointly one in every one of the producers of the film. Raduaa Full Movie HD Download. gazing, however, he has performed within the initial 3 departments (leave out the last one), we’d advise, ‘man you would like to specialize in one issue at a time.’

Even though the film has a remarkable plotline, a weak direction associated associate equally weak script create Raduaa not a fun or thrilling, however, an ‘unintelligent’ ride. The film starts with unnecessarily stretched dialogues and scenes. hunting the melodramatic lanes, the director of the film finally makes the audience meet the sci-fi invention, a ‘frequency modulator’, that feels like a tragic version of crystal balls joined along with ‘cheapo colored wires’.

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Raduaa Full HD Movie Download

And you’re thinking that this can be the instant of the film, ah well, the director drops the foremost surprising bomb. He uses this hi-end fashionable invention to unravel a gharelu problem! affirmative, girls listen up, if you have got any downside, Raduaa is what you would like to watch!

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