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An affluent high school set-up in Dehradun, six trustees’ youngsters and a fun college atmosphere are what Punch Beat presents. Revolving around 2 boys, Their friends, and their lives during this college known as Rosewood High, the story is tangled with sensible dialogue, some extremely dramatic scenes and after all, boxing.

Creator: Vikas Gupta
Stars: Priyank Sharma, Siddharth Sharma, Khushi Joshi

We tend to square measure introduced to every character in a very rather funny means in addition. Director Suyash Vadhavkar clearly understands college culture and has brightly recreated the atmosphere on screen. The exceptional writing to comes into play once it involves such a show and Vikas Gupta and Gibran Noorani has done an awfully sensible job.

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The twists and turns, comic components, the build-up of the story can keep you intrigued. Priyank Sharma aka Rahat and Siddharth Sharma aka Ranbir square measure the 2 boys WHO square measure enthusiastic about boxing.

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Whereas Siddharth could be a college champion, Priyank is that the college initiate celebrated for his street fighting. Harshita Asian wild ox aka Divyanka could be a wild woman WHO is seen fighting for her right to bop. She adds a cute and glamorous bit to every episode.

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Samir Soni plays the role of a father WHO is obsessed regarding his son Ranbir being the most effective within the field of boxing. The chocolate-boy Priyank Sharma completely aces the acting game. Siddharth has conjointly affected America together with his acting. Seeing Samir Soni in a very negative avatar could be a treat in addition. Sindhuja and Nikhil add a comic book partly to the story and their characters stand out o.k.

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