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A virtuous soldier Magadheera aka Puli (Tiger) vows to save lots of his individuals from the rule of a cruel queen and her treacherous Marshal. Puli Tamil Full Movie Free High Quality Download , will sensible conquer evil?

Puli (Tiger) is your Indian cinema version of a fictional character and also the Lilliput’s fairy tale. A lavishly mounted fantasy journey, at the core it’s essentially a love-story.

Director: Chimbudeven
Writer: Chimbudeven
Stars: Vijay, Sudeep, Sridevi



Puli Tamil Movie

In a faraway land, live a cruel tribe UN agency glide by the name of Metals. Blue eyes and Dracula fangs are their characteristic options. They even have strange powers which will get them to fly like attendee and fight like Gladiators. Their sole aim is to commit atrocities on some poor mortals living within the plains near their kingdom.

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Don’t grieve simply, however. once you suppose that the meek are doomed for keeps, baby Magadheera is found floating within the water close this village.

he’s adopted and becomes a favorite. This place is additionally home to a reasonably missy known as Pawanmali (Shruti). the 2 marry on the Q.T.. however, their happiness is ephemeral as a result of the Jaltarang (Sudeep), the cruel Betal marshal kidnaps Magadheera’s lover.

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