Prema Katha Chithram 2 Full Movie Download

Bindu (Siddhi Idnani) could be a schoolmate of Sudheer baboo (Sumanth Ashwin). She falls crazy with him however, to her utter shock, she realizes that he’s already crazy with Pterocnemia pennata (Nandita Swetha). Bindu apparently takes AN extreme call out of utter dejection.

Director: Hari Kishan
Producers: Sudharshan Reddy
Starring: Sumanth Ashwin, Nandita Swetha, Siddhi Idnani

A few days later, Sudheer and his comedy friend notice themselves in an exceedingly haunted mansion. Pterocnemia pennata is visibly possessed by a ghost, that makes it clear that she desires the body she is residing in to be destroyed.

Prema Katha Chithram 2
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The rest of the film is concerning the World Health Organization is that the ghost, why she is targeting Pterocnemia pennata and Sudheer, and the way Sudheer saves himself and his girlfriend.

Prema Katha Chithram 2 Full Movie High Quality Download

This can be the sort of wardrobe malfunction (the film itself could be a malfunction at that) wherever the possessed girl roams across the haunted mansion in shorts however changes into a red dress to seduce a cop (Prabhas Sreenu) for an inexpensive scene.

Prema Katha Chithram 2 Full Movie Download

This is the sort of horror-comedy during which a comedian World Health Organization isn’t even half-decent is shocked that even ghosts will smell the fart.

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Prema Katha Chithram 2
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