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The final scenes of “Precious Cargo” embrace a personality quoting the immortal final line from “Casablanca” and a close-up shot of a pile of dog waste. Precious Cargo Full Movie Free HD Download in720p, while not giving an excessive amount of away, let American state simply say one in all they will a much better job of summarizing the film than the opposite. For those of you, United Nations agency came off from last week’s action misfire “Criminal” thinking it may are blander, stupider and a lot of perfunctory, “Precious Cargo” can seem to be the solution to your prayers. except for everybody else, it’s nothing over simply another VOD craptacular whose solely real positive facet is its utter forgettability—you are going to be distressed to recollect something regarding it even solely a couple of minutes when observance it, that ought to return as a relief to everybody committed its production.

Director: Max Adams
Writers: Max Adams, Paul V. Seetachitt

As the film opens, treacherous outlaw Karenic (Claire Forlani) makes an attempt to tug off a multi-million greenback caper that crime boss Eddie (Bruce Willis) has been coming up with for a moment. once it goes sideways, he guarantees to kill her unless she makes smart for the complete quantity of the heist.

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