Prathi Poovankozhi Full Movie HD Download

Prathi Poovankozhi Full Movie Free HD Quality Download. Prathi Poovankozhi Movie Story: Madhuri is assaulted on a bus in the future and might not rest till she hits back at the man

Director: Roshan Andrews
Writer: Unni R.
Stars: Manju Warrier, Anusree, Roshan Andrews

Prathi Poovankozhi Movie Review: We are dwelling in a time when displaying sensitivity to women’s issues and respecting sexual limitations are mandatory. Prathi Poovankozhi seems to captivate by this trending issue but is a case of missing the woods for the trees.

Prathi Poovankozhi Full Movie Trailer

Manju Warrier plays Madhuri, a female so infuriated by way of an attack on her in a bus, that she feels pressured to hit back.

Prathi Poovankozhi Full HD Download

But Antappan performed astoundingly properly with the aid of director Rosshan Andrrews, is a marketplace rowdy who is not to be messed with. Madhuri witnesses first hand how merciless he can be, however that doesn’t deter her and her units out on a search for him over the following few days, unmindful of the severe financial disaster in her residence and willing to compromise her process as a textile store saleslady.

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There have to rarely be a female or lady who hasn’t faced this type of sexual assaults in public; every so often you literally or verbally hit back, on occasion you seethe and cringe within the reminiscence of that horrible touch. But it’s far unlikely that you positioned your lifestyles on hold because of it.

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