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Straight up, Piku is pleasant, a medium rasgulla, lordotic within the sweet, dark rum of life. Piku Full Movie Fully HD Quality Free Download. creator Piku Banerjee (Deepika) is merely kid to 70-year-old Bhaskar (Amitabh) World Health Organization obsesses concerning his health – as well as making commotion around his stomach’s motion.

Director: Shoojit Sircar
Writer: Juhi Chaturvedi
Stars: Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Irrfan Khan

Piku’s torn between tenderness for her aged papa and frustration at being stuck in a rut. Suddenly, Bhaskar desires to go to metropolis – however, insists on travel from Old Delhi via road. What happens once intriguing genus Rana (Irrfan) drives them?

Piku Full Movie HD Download

Piku’s performances area unit excellent, flat-topped by one amongst Amitabh Bachchan’s best acts.

Piku Full Movie Trailer

Amitabh is mesmeric as Bhaskor, a person World Health Organization delights in being “brutal and honest”, however whose eyes area unit soft as marshmallows once he appearance at his female offspring.

Piku Full HD Movie Download

Bubbling with life, running with over-protectiveness, Amitabh runs away with the film, travel with a ‘commode chair’, stating Indian men need wives solely “to sarve food within the day, sex within the night”, interrogating genus Rana, “Drinking? Driving? Sipping? Taar pore, dhadaam?”, telling his bubbly relative-in-law Chobi (Moushumi, beautiful and bright), “Tumko like Na Hindu deityrne ka, mere paas hai, hai, reason hai. Piku Full Movie HD Download. From Angry Young Man to eccentric recent gent, Piku is another milestone during this wonderful actor’s journey.

Piku Full HD Download

Alongside, Irrfan’s genus Rana incorporates a wide-eyed, raised-eyebrow amativeness, however conjointly sensitive balance between being aggravated and intrigued by Piku – and her mad begetter.

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Deepika presents associate degree evolved, polished performance, completely likely as Piku jumpy with pursed lips, whose life expands from reading her dad’s BP – to reading Rana’s eyes.

Piku’s story is beautiful. It fantastically explores the foremost basic bond of life – a parent, a child, a starting associate degreed a finish.

Piku HD quality Full Movie Free Download

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It’s bashfully at love. Piku Full Movie Download. It smiles tenderly at Bengali flavors, at grill and digestion pills, however conjointly at universal stories, of irritating relatives and domestics United Nations agency take care of US till we tend to die.

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