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Pihu Hindi Full Movie Free HD Quality Download in 1080p. Who would wish to observe a baby cry? no one and that’s what dooms Vinod Kapri’s silly and sadistic film Pihu, wherever a touch lady walks precariously around Associate in Nursing housing while not being watched or cared for.

Director: Kapri Vinod
Stars: Pihu Myra Vishwakarma, Prerna Vishwakarma

The concept — of something during a house is a possible threat — may are created into a watchable short film, however this can be feature-length torture, wherever the viewer is created aware that they need to sit through quite ninety minutes of a helpless and vulnerable kid, despite knowing that nothing will extremely happen to her before the top.

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Watching Pihu sounds like being stranded on a late-night flight with a loud kid, underprepared oldsters and no headphones.

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Things happen to young Pihu — contend by Associate in Nursing endearing Tweety-bird of a baby, Myra Vishwakarma — however, none of those seem dangerous, even supposing the filmmakers attempt their darnedest to amp up the horror and shoot geysers and irons as sinisterly as attainable.

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The film opens the morning once Pihu’s birthday celebration, that we tend to hear throughout the gap credits. She gets up and tries to wake her mother, UN agency cannot be woken — although the film is thus loud and sadistic I usually puzzled if the kid can so be ready to rouse the dead.

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Pihu Full Movie High Quality Download

Right from the start, Pihu finds herself in peril as she tackles staircases, stools and sleeping pills, although to American state the scariest factor within the film may be the actual fact that this unattended kid chooses a TV channel taking part in a Salman Khan song.

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