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Panjumittai Movie Download.Panjumittai Movie Review: Appu (Ma Ka Pa) and Kuppu (Sendrayan) are childhood friends World Health Organization can’t even consider living in several places. As each of them gets older, they begin earning their living by operating in an exceeding edifice. hassle starts between them once Appu gets married to a lady (Nikhila).Panjumittai Movie Download

Initial release: 2017
Director: S.P. Mohan
Writer: S.P. Mohan
Stars: Ma Ka Pa Anand, Nikhila Vimal, Sendrayan

He starts hating Kuppu’s constant presence once he’s together with his partner. He conjointly starts noticing that Kuppu’s dress color is usually like that of his wife’s. A stunning Appu starts suspecting his partner and tries his best to stay her far from Kuppu.Download Panjumittai Full Movie

Later, he consults a doctor World Health Organization explains Kuppu’s weird behavior. Interestingly, like Kuppu’s behavior, the film, too, is weird, due to its unskilled creating, loud performances of the lead actors and poor CG scenes.

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Panjumittai Full Movie Download in MP4
AN flaky plot in addition to exaggerated histrionics and extreme close-up shots create the viewing expertise a terrible one. a relatively higher half and a not-so-bad flashback episode are the sole saving graces of this otherwise horrific show.

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